United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Activity in the field of AML/CFT

Office on Drugs and Crime is a unit within United Nations Organization dealing with fight against drugs, organized crime, corruption, and ML/TF. The unit is responsible for the implementation of the Global Programme against Money Laundering (GPML) established in 1997. The programme's mandate was further strengthened in 1998 and included not only drug-related crimes, but also all serious crimes. GPML aims to assist Member States to strengthen their capacity to take measures against ML/FT by providing appropriate technical assistance. To that end, Member States shall be assisted in search, arrest, and confiscation of criminally obtained funds and other property, as required by relevant UN conventions and other documents, as well as other international standards in this field

Cooperation with Azerbaijan

In the framework of cooperation with the UNODC, FMS participates in the meetings of the group of experts on monitoring the implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption, coordinated by UNODC. FMS has repeatedly benefited from UNODC trainings since it was established.

In addition, FMS also cooperates with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in the application of modern information technologies in the activities of data processing and analysis. Thus, the goAML system created by the External Systems Department of the Information Technology Service of the Office is applied inside the office building of FMS.

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