World Bank

General Information

Technical assistance of World Bank in the field of AML/CFT covers supporting the assessment of ML/FT risk and impact in their jurisdictions, the application of risk-based approach to AML/CFT based on this assessment, preparation of preventive measures, review the effectiveness of laws, regulations and institutional frameworks, offering improvements, building capacity to systematically collect information on proceeds from crime and related financial flows, as well as capacity building of financial sector supervisors for risk-based and effective oversight of financial sector’s AML/CFT inspections, increase the investigative capacity of investigators, prosecutors and judges operating on ML/FT, including international information exchange, promoting financial inflows by simplifying the customer's necessary efforts and AML/CFT requirements, etc. in low-risk financial products and services.

The World Bank contributes to global discussions on a wide range of issues, including anti-corruption efforts, access to financial services, recovery of stolen assets, disclosure of asset information and environmental crimes. The World Bank conducts assessments of countries' AML/CFT regimes to diagnose their effectiveness and identify potential risk areas as part of a self-diagnostic or Financial Sector Assessment of countries.

Cooperation with Azerbaijan

The World Bank organized several seminars in the field of AML/CFT in Azerbaijan. The National Risk Assessment in the field of AML/CFT in our country has been conducted since 2015 based on a methodology developed by the organization with the support of the World Bank experts.

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