04.03.2024 11:50

FMS Executive Board Convenes for Meeting

The Executive Board of the Financial Monitoring Service (FMS) convened for its regular meeting on February 29th, 2024, to discuss key strategic initiatives and internal regulations governing the organization's activities.

During the meeting, the Executive Board deliberated on various agenda items, including the adoption of the FMS's strategic plan for the years 2024-2026. In accordance with Article 4.5.6 of the FMS Charter, the Executive Board approved the strategic plan, outlining the organization's objectives and priorities for the upcoming three-year period.

In addition to the strategic plan, the Executive Board also reviewed and approved amendments to the internal regulations governing the activities of the Financial Monitoring Service Furthermore, the Executive Board endorsed statutes related to structural changes within the FMS.

04-03-2024 | 11:50
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